Taking Stock: Designing Calendars (part 2)

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In my previous blogs I have spoken about the advantages of using your photos to create montages for calendars.

Putting together montages is a great way to hone your photoshop skills, getting familiar with the tools that can be used in your creations.

There really is no shortcut to producing conceptual stock photography other than putting in the hours of practice that is required to master the photo editing tools available in photoshop software.

Once you have mastered the basic tools, then much of what you design can be produced with relative ease, as generally you will find that you use the same ones over and over again. As I have alluded to before there are many tools in a mechanics toolbox, but generally only the same ones are used frequently....specialised tools are there in the toolbox but not needed for everyday jobs!

The same is true for photoshop, there are many specialised tools that do specific things, but generally the only ones you really will use are the 'everyday' tools that are needed to design your artwork. Over-processed photos are generally not accepted by stock companies, so it is not worth worrying too much about all the other complicated 'knobs and dials' that an editing suite has to offer!

To reiterate a point made in my previous blog, designing for calendars stretches the imagination and gets you familiar with photoshop and sharpens your skills in using those tools regularly.

When designers look at your montages it can give them a 'window' into your style of work and artistic skills and what you might have available in your stock library. Once you have designed montages which can include borders around your photos and use of fonts, this can lead to other types of design work that you can be called upon to produce such as business cards, wedding invitations, event programs and so on.

I have below three more examples of simple montages that have been produced for calendar front covers using borders and text:

2020 new year years calendar calendars pets pedigree animals planner

2020 new year years calendar calendars superbikes motorcycles motorbikes planner

2020 new year years calendar calendars vintage cars classics planner

The fonts that have been used for the above designs are the standard ones that photoshop elements have to offer, but I have customised them using other tools available in the editing suite. You can also insert your own designs into the blank fonts by creating special effects...again this can be done by using several tools already available in the editing suite, you just have to familiarise yourself with what tools are needed and how to use them effectively.

I hope that the above montages have been inspirational and that it will spark off some ideas of what can be produced with some of the basic editing tools available in current software.

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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