Taking Things for Granted

I have always been possessive about my music instruments, vehicles, computer and cameras. But still a person like me being careless is something no one around me will believe, but I did end up in a huge trouble lately which made me pay a price.

My day starts at 10 in the morning, I do some photoediting, and then take music classes or have my corporate meetings till evening. Then I do an hour of counseling or healing for someone in person. After that I practice my singing or do music arranging for 2 hours. 10 back to photo editing, 11 pm dinner and back to work online. I do some online counseling, healing and then again 2 hours of work on music or photography till 2.00 AM. And then meditation for an hour.

With such a hectic schedule, the sleeping time is very important for me considering I have asthma and Eosinophilia. On the 60th independence day of India, I decided to do an early morning shoot of children and companies doing flag hoisting ceremony at the break of dawn. I slept at 3, and woke up at 5.30 and started my way into the city. I took many good photographs of people, many of them couldn’t be uploaded here due to lack of model release, but still managed to capture some without faces.

I came back home, edited and uploaded the pics. To my horror all images were rejected. And there was a reason. Though editing time I didn’t find much of rejection things as I am not a stock photo editor, I wasn’t understand the reason behind the problem in my image.

I suddenly remembered that in the morning before my shoot a friend of mine just took the camera in his hands. I didn’t allow him to play around, but accidentally he had pressed the ISO button. As my camera is not used by anyone else, its always set to 80 the lowest available on my camera, but I never knew that I was clicking at ISO 200. My carelessness was less to do with me giving my friend the camera to have a look. I did a big mistake by taking for granted that my camera is set to my usual ISO and other settings.

Not only was the number of images rejected the price I had to pay, due to that hopeless schedule that day, I fell terribly ill and was bed-ridden for 3 days for having a terrible attack of asthma and viral fever together. But that pain will always remind me to check my camera settings carefully every time I start a shoot and not take things for granted

P.S I hope that this blog and my pain also help you guys to be careful next time and not take situations for granted :)



Photo credits: , Nikhil Gangavane.

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December 15, 2007


Thanks for the feedback!

December 15, 2007


Very sad yet very inspiring... Reminds me that there is more than my BMW 540 Car Cover, and it is called LIFE...

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