Tallest tower in the world and Tallest picture in DT database

Well undoubtedly Burj Khalefa, Burj Dubai is the tallest tower in the world, at 868 meters. Now my image at 114.9 cm (1.14 meter) might be the tallest image in DT database. I'm not sure yet, but I believe there is no image in DT as tall as my image. 114.9 cms by 21.9 cm.

Is there anyone with bigger than this image, I would like to know???? Mani I guess you can be of some help to find the tallest image in DT as you are playing lots of game. hehehehe

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Dear Tan,
I think that's a great idea, lol, i think I need to check it out....


WOW, how high can you climb, dear friend? do you think you can get to the pinnacle?
let me know, so I can stand at the dock of my city's waterfront and wave to you. It will be good to see you wave back ! I will be wearing a bright red shirt and neon trousers so you can see me better! ha!ha
Essalam !


LOL great image! :)


great shot, interesting dimensions too


WOW great findings Altaf & Brad!


 Building crane. Thanks brad, it was informative, im so dumb, was searching like a fool never came to mind the dreamfinder, I found one more image,


I made use of a few 'Dreamfinder' options: Min 20MP resolution, Orientation set to Portrait, keyword panorama. Then I switched to the dynamic search to quickly find tall, skinny ones :) My one complaint on the DT seach engine is that there is no way to not specify a keyword (I can't search solely using Dreamfinder options). So my search is by no means definitive :) Your image, for example, wouldn't show up because you didn't use the keyword panorama.



Oh Brad, ur great, i was trying to find, i search for almost 3 hours didnt find, so i still reach the DT record books, next time for sure i will try to break that, mani, look brad found it......


And if you want to talk wide!

 Manhattan panaroma skyline 


Nice shot! I found two:

 Vertical Rose Bar  Charleston Church 


LOL! I haven't play any recently so I might miss the record now :)))
But I have never seen an image with these dimensions here still ;)
Thanks for sharing Altaf! Great capture :)


Pretty cool. There might be other images as tall or even taller, but not as skinny; it's a vertical panorama.

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