Tamron Di-II 18-250 - first tests

© Sebcz
© Sebcz

You might remember my previous posts about Tamron, so, time came for the first results.

My first photos taken with the new lens are already online. So far I like it, the only disadvantages I came across are:

1. Slight barrel distortion at 18mm - easy to eliminate in Photoshop.

2. Vignetting, probably due to the polarizer I have on the lens, also easy to eliminate in PS

3. When shooting straight down or up, the lens can extend or shorten because of its weight. Not that I shoot straight up and down much, but...

But! : I took some test with and without the polarizer, number 2 and 3 were not occuring - it seems the lens is precisely balansed, but if you put on the lens's end some more weight, number 3 may occur. Vignetting is also almost unnoticeble without filter.

Apart from that, it is a fine lens, I love the quality and fine color aberrations control. AF also seems to work flawlessly.

Here are some examples: long 250mm (wall), 250mm macro (fruit), middle range (chips and crisps)

Photo credits: Sebastian Czapnik.


tamron test

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