Tang-Hulu, a kind of special food in China

I probably was not a very romantic person, compared to see sunset or sunrise or walk on beach in the seaside, I still prefer to sit together with my lover to eat Tang Hulu, it is not only eat the flavor of acid or sweet but more the flavor of happiness.

It's actually quite simple form, a string of Hawthorn cover with a film of crystal clear red sugar-coated, the time to eat or bite or lick, with just personal preference.

sometimes before the Tang Hulu only made of Hawthorn, i do not know when the time its began change for other fruits, for example, apples , oranges and strawberry and so on. Each Tang Hulu is a beautiful art, my favorite is the strawberry flavor, do not like eating fresh strawberries, too acid and less sweet, but very happy to eat strawberries as a Tang Hulu , felicitousness sweet and felicitousness acid flavor.

In my eyes, each string of Tang Hulu is so pretty that reluctant to eat, Tang Hulu in China should be the most common snacks, regardless of where there and the taste are almost the same delicious, and it is so cheap, if Some friends came to China, worth a try, maybe not everyone liked it, but I believe you can taste out a special flavor which was just come from China.

Photo credits: Lu Yongli.

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