Tangerine Tango - Color of the Year for 2012

© Iofoto
It's time to find your spatulas, sandpapers, polishing bricks, masking tapes, jar opener, paint mixing sticks and brushes, and paint your walls with a spirited reddish orange Tangerine Tango.

Pantone revealed Tangerine Tango as a Color of the Year for 2012.

Shall we see more images with orange salmon meat and vegetables, warm terracotta backgrounds and interiors, models wearing vivid reddish outfits, surrounded by dramatic orange props, fiery sunsets and landscapes, graphics and illustrations? Time will tell.

If you love this fashion color of 2012, you are welcome to post your Tangerine Tango images here, so I could add them to my Fashion color 2012 collection.

Press Release: Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2012: PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango

2012 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Fashion Color Report :: Spring 2012

Closest color code for web is #dd4124

Tangerine Tango Collection

Have a lots of vivid inspiration!

© Noonie
© Paha_l
© Kurhan
© Nyul
© Maigi
© Iofoto
© Iofoto
© Barsik

Photo credits: Galina Barskaya, Ka Ho Leung, Binkski, Canettistock, Catherine Jones, Hugo Maes, Furzyk73, Gary Beatty, Iofoto, Kasia Biel, Kittasgraphics, Krishnacreations, Kurhan, Eti Swinford, Maigi, Maxborovkov, Susan Leggett, Ines Sulj, Nyul, Pavel Losevsky, Pavalache Stelian, Brandon Holmes, Yuri_arcurs.

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Nice textures! Thanks!


Hi Mailis,
I just uploaded a couple of photos of orange fabric that you might want to add to your collection! Thanks, Rozenn
 Selecting fabric   Orange pastel fabric 


thanks for sharing Mailis.


Great! Thanks!


Grean collection, I have one.


Wow, beautiful colors!


I guess I too like this color. Never knew I had so many in my still very small portfolio... so maybe some of these:

 Modern Casual Clothing Retail Discount Sale   Used Dirty Filters Stored on Industrial Hallway   North Indian Girl Holding a Flower Basket   India Native Girl Carrying Water on Blue Color Pot   Young Couples in Traditional Indian Dress   Newly Wed North Indian Pathani Couple   Red Color Jeep with Fog Lights   Ganesh God of Beginnings and Overcoming Obstacles   Gold Fish in Blue Waters   Two Young Girl Friends Walking in a Park   Indian woman in red dress sitting on a rock   Attractive female wearing shades behind bushes 


msg was not showing images...


I guess I too like this color. Never knew I had so many in my still very small portfolio... so maybe some of these: [imgl]22961137[/imgl] [imgl]20428474[/imgl] [imgl]19778178[/imgl] [imgl]19773266[/imgl] [imgl]19766633[/imgl] [imgl]19728060[/imgl]


Beautiful colour !


Great collection and one of my favourite colours too! I have some suggestions for the collection:


   Parked orange sports car   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Parked orange sports car   

   Squashing Happiness!   

   Pinching some Happiness!   


Maybe this one?
 Smiling girl hiding 


it"s a very good idea to make this collection!!! May you add some mine images ?)) {18877601},18041672,17553339,17568710,17290507,17157046,14139452, may be one?))




Gorgeous color, so vibrant! Maybe you will like this one too :) [imgl]http://www.22450406[/imgl]


What a great collection!!! Beautiful! :)


beautiful images!!!


Thanks Maigi for adding my images :-) This collection is very inspiring


sorry i tried but could not add my images in the comment. just could post the image id. :-(


Oh.. my fav color too.. and yes its one of the colors of our Indian flag and we probably call this color as "Keshariya" in hindi :-)
2 photos with this color.. i guess-
my tomato pic

and also probably my butterfly

powerline pylons standing in colorful sky


Thank you all for your suggestions! Added several images. Tangerine certainly is a color of joy and happiness. :)


Great color! Thanks for the inspiration!


Would these two meet the criteria perhaps?
 Grevillea seeds   Image not available or id is incorrect. 


I saw you took another photo of my port. Thanks Maigi. Th whole collection looks great!


This one may be a bit too orange/gold, but I'll throw it out there for consideration:

 Golden Sunset - Tropical Island 


Great photos color:)


I've also got this one 20734273 but it's an Editorial. I'm not quite sure it matches your criteria as the standard of your collection is very high!!. Have a look anyway! Thanks


Lovely warm colour! How abou this image, does it fit your collection?
 Abstract red background 


Nice initiative! Here are some real tangarines:
 Electrocardiogram with fruit 
And what about this old door?
 Red door of ancient prison 
Or this one:
 Machine working   Baldachin under a blue sky 


That's nice Maen! Added. Thanks, Rahela!

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