Target Your 'Niche Market' In Stock Photography!

Wherever we live in the world, all stock photographers can tap into the 'Niche Market' specific to their area!

In business, a niche market is the subset or segment of the market on which a specific product is focused and the demographics it is intended to target.

This can also be true of stock photography!

Does the area where you live have something specific, something of interest to offer that no other area in the world can boast of?

It could be historical buildings, beautiful parks, wildlife, zoos, stunning coastal views, specific events or celebrations that take place only in your area, or it could be that certain crafts and their workers are unique to your area?

All of the above subjects could be 'niche' to your area, and therefore can be utilised upon to target a specific audience of potential buyers of stock photography in the future.

Getting to know a little bit more of the history of where you live might open up opportunities for photographic work that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Did a certain famous author, painter, musician or artist leave their mark or influence the culture of where you live?

For example, the famous English watercolour artist William Turner loved the unique quality of light found in the East Kent coast of Britain, and many of his works were inspired by this coastal area, particularly Margate where he visited time and time again for the sea and the skies! So knowing this piece of history gave me an opportunity to photograph a beautiful sunset that would have inspired Turner to put paint to canvas!

The photo below was taken on the East Kent coast of Whitstable, just several miles from where Turner used to paint.

Cloudburst sun rays at sunset on whitstable beach

All of the above subjects for photography can also be broken down further into sub-categories.

For example many lands might have historical buildings to boast of, but is there something even more specific about your historical buildings that are unique....a certain feature or something architectural about it that no other historical building has? Does it have design features that relate to a specific period of time such as Art Deco or Gothic etc? Does it contain famous paintings or stained glass windows that depict unique scenes that can be found nowhere else? Is a particular type of transport, animal or mechanical unique to where you live?

This sub-category principle can be used with all the above subjects. Is there something special or distinct about it that can only be found where you live? Plant life, wildlife, animal species etc are found everywhere, but do you have something within these categories that are individual or specialised to your environment and surroundings?

With a little thought, we all have something around us that can be photographed to target a niche market and audience!

What do tourists come to see and admire when they visit your area? Is it well known for a certain type of food, a certain landmark or feature, or is it a particular plant or fruit that only grows in your town, city or village?....the list is endless!

Whatever the case, giving some serious thought to your 'niche market' photography is a great way to take some unique shots that only others can dream of!

Where I live is famous for its English country cottages with their beautiful thatched roofs. Below is a photo of one such building found in a small Kent village.

Kent country thatch cottage

Another building unique to the kent countryside is the windmill as shown below.

kent windmill and clematis flowers

One important thing to remember with taking photos of 'niche' subjects, is to make sure that you list your search keywords accurately which are specific to the subject so that potential buyers who are looking for a certain photo can find it easily and get directed to your portfolio!

Your niche photography can add variety to your portfolio and attract potential buyers that come to you in the future for specialised subjects that they cannot find anywhere else!

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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July 24, 2019


Glad to hear this blog has been helpful appreciate all comments!

July 21, 2019


Like how you really get into a subject; not just a snapshot and you are on your way.  If each of us could see through our camera they way tourist views a subject or an advertising agency, maybe all sales would rise. Thanks for creating new thought and sharing.  

July 19, 2019


Good to get your observations on this subject!

July 18, 2019


Great photos! My take home message from your blog is to analyse and exploit the photo opportunities available to you. The more you see the more you realise how much you haven't seen.

July 18, 2019


i've got something.. thanks for the article

July 10, 2019


It is a beautiful county..they call it  'The Garden of England' and has many thatched cottages but this is one of my favourites!

July 10, 2019


It's beautiful countryside. I love those cottages.

July 10, 2019


Glad to hear this post has been helpful to all those looking for more photographic work from a fresh angle!

July 09, 2019


Great to think about - there are really some new opportunities by just thinking about this aspect.  Thank you!

July 08, 2019


I really enjoyed your blog, I guess that becoming an expert in few subjetcs may be more rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

July 08, 2019


  Many of my sales come from concept photos I have designed myself, which are often designed around current trends and newsworthy subjects, and these trends are changing all the time ... but focusing on the 'niche' subjects that are unique to your area is just one aspect of photographic work that could result in more sales in the future. I thought it was a subject worth mentioning because niche photography might just attract potential buyers to your portfolio in the future!   I also thought that covering this subject might make people think a little bit more about the culture and history of the area they live and work in everyday and open up more opportunities to add files to their portfolio and boost sales!When it comes down to knowing exactly what buyers are looking for...that's a tricky one, that's why I try to keep in touch with currents trends etc and try to research what subjects are 'up-and-coming' and design my work around these....and hopefully hit a bulls-eye with some sales in the future! All the best.Appreciate your comments!

July 08, 2019


Great article! It seems our 'niche' is more defined by our interests or what is available to shoot around us. But I'd like to steer some photo sessions into subjects that buyers are looking for. But when I look at my sales, it seems so random. Any tips on finding out what buyers need and pushing yourself into that niche? Just thinking out loud here. William 

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