A Taste of Success

2012 apocalypse end of world planetary collision

It is the second assignment I have attempted. The previous one, apocalypse, was really something that I would have loved to get into...but unfortunately I had 50 uploads only when half the month was gone. Then I uploaded two files which were rejected anyway for being too simplistic. It was VERY annoying and discouraging because I had spent 3 days creating that illustration. It was a very detailed one. I just decided I'd not submit to an assignment again till I get 500+ files online. I told myself I've been into stock for only about 5 months, I don't have a DSLR, I have a stupid compact camera that causes rainbows on every edge with it's superb chromatic capabilities. I am only 18. Professionals have been shooting for longer than I have been seeing...

Who am I to even try to submit for an assignment? That too on one of the world's top stock photography sites with the world's top photographer contributing right here?

My family makes fun of me as I run around trying to capture that perfect shot of a butterfly. My friends tell me I am nuts because I spend an hour photographing a silly flower while they can go play a computer game or maybe watch some TV. That's what India is like. People can't do themselves what you want to do but they would always want to pull you down. Studies being my first priority, I have very little time to spare for photography. I have concentrated on efficiency and though I have not been able to achieve anything outstanding, I can say I have improved a lot.

I seriously wanted to participate in this assignment. I have many, many hobbies...from playing badminton to robotics to bird watching and piano and writing and just everything you can think of. I never spend a second idle except for 6 hours of sleep. But again Mr. Negative convinced me not to shoot for assignment. Why, I asked myself. The answer I got is...I'm just a kid. I can never produce anything worth getting selected. So I didn't shoot anything the whole month except one piano photo which you see here. That photo obviously got rejected because it looks too simple anyway. Anyone can shoot that with their 0.3 MP cell phone camera. I gave up completely.

Pianist in action, playing a piano

Then 2 days before the assignment ends, I find a bird sitting on a branch with a girl watching it with binoculars. I suddenly recalled that there are photographers up there but no bird watchers that I can recall. So I shot it anyway, hoping it would get accepted. And it did get accepted! I'm so happy tonight that it got up there.

This is the photo of bird watching that got accepted:

Bird watching

Now I'm just going to forget the rejections and shoot at least 5 photos every month for assignments and get some more approved every month. I'm really excited to see what happens with the votes too.

Thanks to Dreamstime. I'm exclusive here and this site is the best source of fun and education for me. The assignments are just adding to the fun now that I have one selected up there. ;)

Good luck to everyone who have submitted and those who didn't... try it out next time! Create something new and amazing, something from a new perspective that sends out the message right and clear but in an unusual way...

Photo credits: Pratik Panda.
Pratik Panda
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April 02, 2013

Well done,good job.


March 27, 2013

Well done, congratulations!!!


March 10, 2013

Well, it does matter what camera I have. Mainly because poor contrast/details and bad focusing abilities prevent good images being shot even if the photographer is skilled. Sometimes gear is very necessary. For example I have not been able to shoot a hummingbird in flight even though I have 10-20 of them in my garden all day.
Reason? I can't get enough shutter speed. If I get a higher ISO, noise levels rise to unacceptable. Focus acquiring takes more than a second. So I can't shoot what I see all day.
Very frustrating.


March 10, 2013

"Then I uploaded two files which were rejected anyway for being too simplistic. It was VERY annoying and discouraging because I had spent 3 days creating that illustration. It was a very detailed one." - To be honest, I don't believe that they have real people moderating the submissions, there has got to be a machine doing the job... How many times have we all been in that situation?? Personally had already hundreds of images (both photos and illustrations) submited that had great quality and were rejected for some stupid reason. Now, the thing is, they could be right about it if those same photos/illustrations wouldn't be selling good on other stock photography web sites...

"Who am I to even try to submit for an assignment?" - That's not even a question you shoulb be asking...

Don't let the others put you down for what you enjoy doing! You're not doing anything wrong!! Keep on going, AND REMEMBER: It's not about the camera you have, but the skills you have...


March 07, 2013

congrats! cool images.


March 06, 2013

Oh well. Everyone feels I need to chill. But I'm not feeling like it right now. This is too much fun. :)
Thanks though. I don't stress out. Just doing what I love.


March 06, 2013

Well done for your efforts, and all the best for the future, but your 18, and you need to chill a little, dont pressure yourself.


March 06, 2013

Well done, and never ever give up on Dreams...


March 05, 2013

Congratulations! Great work!


March 05, 2013

Thank you so much. :)
I really appreciate every single vote I got. I love the support more, not what I might get out of votes.


March 05, 2013

Well done,Robin!Great blog!Congratulations for having that great image accepted into the assignment!I like your image!I voted in assignment for your image!Good luck!


March 05, 2013

Great blog and I'm very impressed with your abilities! My family also makes fun of me for taking pictures of things they consider to be "wierd" but I just disregard their comments and enjoy taking the pictures, and am especially glad when they are accepted on Dreamstime. Stick with it, you have a great talent :D


March 05, 2013

Congratulations! Don't worry about being young - it is good to be young! :-) I envy you your young age! Your life is ahead of you, stay wise. Look at you - you started early, you are already achieving, selling and learning how to become a better photographer. Do not give up! Good luck!


March 05, 2013

Both photos are good. Best of luck in assignment.


March 05, 2013

Thank you. I'm really trying to improve. Maybe it is just a hobby and maybe I can dump everything out here without caring, but it is just that feeling that pricks from inside if I don't try to get better.

Expect some more and better images next time. :)
@Alvera, I'm new and so the current target is to just build a good port and exposure. I had no idea that an image from a compact camera can qualify for assignment (though I worked an hour removing every single problem), so this was just shot casually. But next time I'm going to plan and shoot!


March 05, 2013

Liked very much what you said. Keep on the good work, in every country of the world there are lazy people who will negate your work. Don't give up! Your image for assignment is ok, concept and execution are very good. You will not win, because this contest is a little subjective, just a few vote 5 stars for a stock photo, many votes goes for "good looking" images. But participating is good, you will learn a lot. Have a nice day and good luck, stock photography is a very fine hobby and also bring some money.


March 05, 2013

Congratulations and good luck!!!


March 05, 2013

Congratulations! Keep up your wonderful work!


March 05, 2013



March 04, 2013

Congratulations, and good luck with the assignment your images are amazing.