Taxes !!!!! Sucking the life out of me !!!!!!

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When I grow up ..... I will choose to write off the camera expenses i have incured in the past fiscal year. But for now, since I am not earning more at "Stockphotography" to claim it as a career, I will just have to "Bite the *&#%?! Bullet" ...... Thank heaven for loving spouses all over the world, but especially mine. :)

Photo credits: Robert Byron.

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What a lot of rigamarole the new Dreamstime tax requirements are. Enough to make me want to shift to another agency that doesn't have to deal with such a mega bureacracy. By the time I sort through all this rigamarole I might as well forget about my earnings and start again somewhere else. Not impressed Dreamstime.


LOL, When you start to feel tax sucking the life out of you...
you know you're getting rich :)


good luck!


When you really have to start paying taxes for your photography it will become worth it to keep track of ALL expenses; don't forget to deduct Internet (used for uploading), Cable TV (to do research), phone, office space, lunch/dinners with models etc.


I know what you mean - hard to write off much for a hobby, especially if you use the equipment for personal use a lot of the time :) Keep uploading - you've get a great start!


Well, my accountant indicates " Your Photography venture can only classified as a hobby until you have made a substantial income from this activity, therefore until I can prove to the US government that this "activity" is more than just hobby , i just plain love to take photos....and that is where the bullet biting comes into play. @ Bradcalkins , I sure do hope i can someday be as successful as you in sales in 2 years. :)


Hard to imagine you have to pay much tax if you don't have any earnings!

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