Tea Party Protest-Republicans Trash President Obama

In all my years of living in Washington D.C. I have never seen such a mean spirited campaign against a president such as the the Republican Party sponsored Tea Party Protest at the U.S. Capitol on 9/12/09. There was a sea of people each one carrying a sign trashing the president calling him everything from a communist, a dirty diaper, and a terrorist. These people represent the 49% vote of the last election and promise to vote him out in 2012. Hindsight is 20/20 but no one is sure if the president is doing the right thing by supporting a controversial health care bill as well as a 13 trillion dollar government spending program.

The question what you do if president of the United States? How could these complex problems best be solved? Would you spend money to get the economy going or just let banks, auto companies and other businesses fail? Would it be best to let people suffer without adequate health care even though government healthcare may mean rationing? All of these government programs cost money-13 trillion dollars. The problem is that this 13 trillion dollar deficit does have to be paid off otherwise the United States will face the same problem that many auto owners face with the repo tow truck coming to take their car away. In this case the entire United States would be repossessed or towed to the creditor's holding lot. Perhaps some of you have seen the TV show called Operation Repo which follows a group of auto repossession people as they take people's cars away in the California area. Often times fights break out between auto owners and this team.

Feel free to comment on this article even if you are from abroad. Does socialized health care work in your country or is it a bad idea? Is the European socialized system a good idea? Let us hope the president can solve these problems. The Republican party's trashing of Barack Obama may be a result of racism. This is after all the United State's first black president. Wish him good luck-he is going to need it!

I took many of these photos with a compact camera not only focusing on the crowd but individual people as well. Sometimes if lighting was dim I used the flash and put on forced fire.

© Imdan

Photo credits: Alila07, Danny Raustadt, Kevin Zimarik, Richard Hoffkins, Nfsphoto, RedDaxLuma, Richard Gunion, Stephen Vanhorn.

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January 03, 2012


Mean, selfish, racist, greedy - they are all represented.

September 20, 2009


To suggest that this protest was somehow "Racist" is soooooo wrong, This has to do with the government taking over health care and the out of control spending.

September 19, 2009


I'll tell you what. In all my years of employment, I had many opportunities to select my health care plan from a variety of vendors. In every case, the insurance salesman was able to present me with a Summary of Benefits which was never more than 5 to 10 pages long and a one page summary of cost options (Individual, Spouse, family, etc). So far, I haven't seen anything but 5 different 1000 page bills which don't actually seem to say much about what is actually covered

Another small piece of bad news, the last time I was in DC the Post had an article which said that 35% of people felt the democrats represented their views, 23% felt the republicans did. That leaves 42% (which is larger than either 35 or 23) feeling that neiher party represented their views.

It looks to me like that number is growing and that all this movement needs is a charismatic leader to knock both the established parties off the block.

You might also note that Democrats control both houses of congress and the presidency and tle losers can't even get a bill they claim to have written passed through congress. I have no idea why you want to blame this on the republicans.

September 19, 2009


Have to disagree Richard. Regular Americans opposed to Obama's policies. Many did this when Bush was in office. Its a great testimony to our nation that each side gets to publicly protest things they don't like. If we can't limit one side's ability to protest while preserving the other side's ability to protest.

September 19, 2009


PS. There was no violence and they didn't even leave a mess!

September 19, 2009


One term in office and one in jail.

Love it! :)))

The pay is good and the benefits are great....they should be willing to put up with the jail term in order to retire with full benefits.

September 19, 2009


Both Republican or Democratic congressmen sholud be have a two term limit. One term in office and one in jail. The majority are in it for themselves as opposed to thier constituents. We need to vote most of them out of office at each election until they all learn that they work for "we the people".

September 19, 2009


Well to recover one trillion dollar, its very simple, just wage another war with a OIL RICH ARAB COUNTRY, you get more than one trillion.

Finally never believe any of the politicians, and their promises, they are bunch of lies. they want to protect their party and themselves that's it.

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