Teaching Photography

It's that time of year again. Christmas has come and gone and many people that got a digital camera for a present have given up in frustration, their dreams of being the next Ansel Adams or Steve McCurry gone out the door.

Just because Santa dropped a camera in their stocking didn't mean he dropped a load of talent in as well.

So as seasoned photographers, this is where you can step in to help the community. Here are some great (but brief) ideas to supplement your income as a photographer while teaching others.

1. Private lessons and mini-lessons. Offering classes with the basics that range from turning on your camera and finding the grid, to shooting in low light are an excellent way to help earn a few dollars on the side. Mini-lessons can include framing and teaching the rule of thirds.

A target market that is excellent and very willing to learn is the baby-boomers, those who are at the age of retirement. With more time on their hands, they are more likely to pick up a new hobby.

2. Run photowalks in your city. Take people to unique places that they may not encounter on a daily basis to get their creative juices flowing as a photographer. Whether you teach them beforehand or not depends on their skill level.

3. Teach a class at a community college. There are many different classes that you can run as a photographer. Look at your portfolio and see what you love to do, right up a proposal, and present it as a course.

For all of the above, make sure you have a portfolio that people can go and look at because people will want to see who is teaching them.

Happy shooting!


Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.

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great blog..... Thanks for sharing ;)


Thanks for sharing!


You are thinking out of the box............ a very smart lady. We wont get rich quick if we only sell a few images ! David


Thanks for sharing


Great, thanks for sharing.


Thanks Alvera. It's worth giving a try at least and you don't have to give away ALL your tricks or tools >: )


This article has been read 120 times. 1 readers have found this article useful. This one is me :)


Wow that's a lot of helpful tips!!Thanks and nice pictures :)


Very useful tips! Thank you! :)

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