team work.. I wonder....

Hi there DT community! I have a question and wonder who might have an answer! a bit over a year ago a good man came into my life and we have spent every weekend out and about happily taking photos where ever we go. He has watched with interest my adventures here on DT, but has often said well we are in the same places taking the same photos! I took a look into his secret world of photos and discovered untold treasure. although we do often photograph the same things, we see them differently, have different cameras, and as he is 6'5" and I am a foot shorter, even our point of view becomes different.

So here is the question.. can we, together, have one dreamstime page? can we be the team that we are and combine our works under one site? how many people here, are here under a team or group collective? and last but not least.. what do we have to do differently to appease the DT staff?

thanks! would be happy to hear your take!

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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September 10, 2012


thanks for the advice all, I do have a letter in to the admin and I will post what they say.

September 08, 2012


Would it not be better to create a business which could then be the owner of the DT account?

September 07, 2012


David is right, do you ask directly to the administrator, in order to have reliable and accurate answers! Greetings!

September 07, 2012


If he gives you his photos then there could be a problem if you ever split up wouldn't there ? David

You could be featured photographer on the back of somebody else's work ! I will be interested to hear an administrators views on this subject. David.

September 06, 2012


He can give you his photos and you can upload them into your portfolio.

Just have him sign a property release.

September 06, 2012


we had thought of that... but I have over 300 images on here and am finally getting a little established (Or I like to think) and he doesnt really want to do key wording as he has a full time job and I do also but I can key word at work. so it makes it easier this way....
model release issue is not a big one as he is not a people photographer!

September 06, 2012


I don't know for sure but the model release form would be complicated if two photographers form a group. The form refers to giving the photographer not photographers permission . Why not have two separate accounts and compete with each other thereby raising both your games ? ( portfolio) David The administrators may have a different point of view to mine !

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