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excerpt from a forum...Is it the truth?How many of you guys do this?

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"I find that interviewers nowadays are not very trained to interview people.

It's like the person who can tell the best story gets hired. Not the best worker.

My friend who is working in a head-hunting firm for positions Managers and above tell me,

it's who you know that will get you the job. If got 2 people to select from but only 1 open position, but the interviewer or mgr knows one of the candidate, the other candidate can go home sleep already.

He also say, prepare to make up fake stories to display leadership skills, and things you did and u regret in life and how u change it. This type of things cannot check one. Leadership skills n What you did that u regret in life don't have to be work related or school related so they cannot check at all. They also like to ask about yr weakness. Prepare to make a damn touching story also.

In my current job at DBS, i made up a super cock n bull story about people helping me last time so i'm so touched i wanna contribute to society, how i was abused and bullied in school and how i become damn popular and i'm hired. All are fake stories!! And they believed!! Am i a good worker? Nope! 2 months already i'm running to an advertising company. (Not cuz i'm a job hopper but my passion is in media/advertising)

During my 2nd n 3rd round of interview at the advertising agency, the interviewers told me that they are damn touched by my story (apparently fake) and they got back to me really fast, saying i'm thru to the next round etc. I made up a story about me being anti-social and how i changed and helped altruistic pple. LOL.

Oh and don't bother to send thank you letters also.

Telling cock n bull story is way more powerful than having good interview skills , sending thank you letter, shake hands etc.

There is no point telling the truth in interviews. its all about telling story. Prepare a few stories n memorize b4 u go interview.The stories must be very touching. And it helped that i took up acting classes b4. When i just grad i dunno how to tell story. Went for 30 + interviews, jobless for 1 yr, until my friend advised me to make up stories. Thats how I do well at interviews.

I'm now offered jobs at the advertising co im talking about, OCBC, and an events mgmt co.

If you want the job prepare these stories (All stories must be FAKE)

1) What difficulties you encountered in life and how you overcame them (One tip here. If you are after a position where u need to be sociable, e.g Advertising or Events co, PLEASE MAKE A STORY ABOUT YOU BEING AN ANTISOCIAL NERD AND HOW YOU BECAME MR/MISS POPULAR)

2) Anything u done in life that u really regretted. (Talk about a friend or a family who passed away. and how u hurt him/her and when he/she passed away, you wished that you can correct what u did wrong n say u love him/her one last time. Of course the person who passed away is fictional as well. If you feel uncomfortable to talk abt death, you can make up a story about an imaginery boyfriend/girlfriend in which you did not cherish and how he/she left you and how you are now a much better bf/gf to yr new bf/gf.)

3) Tell me one instance in which you displayed leadership quality. ( it's actually good to make up a story about you being captain of a soccer team and how yr team got trashed 3 nil , then how u motivate yr team to practice n eventually trash that team 5- nil. It not only shows yr leadership quality, it also shows that you are a sporty person with lots of energy.)

4) What is your weakness. (this weakness, make sure the weakness can be twist until become strength. E.G. Your weakness is You are a bossy person but u can twist it until to show that you are a person who expects good results n achieves them.

Really. I know some points/ suggestions sound damn stupid, but believe it or not that's how it is. These are the crap questions that interviewers ask nowadays instead of being objective by testing jobskills. Ever since i failed my first 30++ interviews, and then i started my storytelling shi* I have never failed a single interview."

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