Tell us about your first sale

I'm creating this blog for all newcomers like myself, as I guess we all like to hear about successtories from people here at DT.

Please feel free to tell us about your successtories or how you are awaiting your first sale. The reason you think made you 'succesfull' here at DT would be a plus.

This blog is for you guys, so we are all waiting for those great stories, let them come !

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I'm one of the people awaiting their first sale, so always feel free to comment on my portofolio, just started uploading last week.

Photo credits: Fiifre.

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thanks 4 adding me.


Hello. You might love to see lot of first sales here in my collection -

Thanks to your blog I have added 4 new images (including yours!).

Thanks a lot!


This blog is a bit old, so you might not get a lot of replies.

If u use photoshop or another program allowing you to already put the Keywords in the jpg, that would be helpful.

This link is usefull for your Keywording

Good luck


So glad this blog started. It is great to hear from others new to the site. About to upload tonight for first attempt. Any tips on making uploading easie for first time users?


@ darwinsm81, looks like you have done great since last year, almost 1 every 2 days now !


I was just thiking about this today and by coincidence i saw this blog. i had my first sale a lil more then a year ago and there were no word to describe how amazing it felt. someone actually paid to use my image!!


I'm happy to announce that I had my first sale !!!

This is the image :-)

 Snow on mountain 


Nice to read the stories. I notice that for all of you guys the sales have increased a lot since your first sale, even though some of you started only a couple of months ago here at DT and already close to 50 sales. Others have been here for longer, one of you guys even averages 8 sales a day now !!! impressive. Keep the stories comming :-)


This has been my first sell. The first download after few weeks from the upload, but it has been the first and the last sell of this illustration...


Hi, this was my first sale.


My first sale, a while ago....[imgl][/imgl]


my first sale


My first sale was after 5 days t was upluaded and also my first level 2!


This was my first sale, about a month after it was uploaded back in May 2008:    Image not available or id is incorrect.    One tip is to go back and re-keyword old stuff once you've learned more about how your stuff is found. Try searching the database to find your images - if you can't find them, buyers won't either !


My first sale was a very good reason for celebrating my partnership with DT!


@ robertosch : nice to see you made over 400 sales up till now. And that in little over 14 months !


Hi, I joined DT I think july, last year. My first sale came in october, and I was very happy. The secret is to upload constantly and to improve your work all the time. You have great images, you'll make lots of sales, and not only here.
This was my first sale: plate and dishes.

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