When the temperature drops...

Today I found an amusing "article" of the meaning of cold for different nationalities and things.

First of all, as there is very large nationality here in DT, take the following as a joke. I don't want to offence anyone.

The meaning of cold

+20 Greeks put on sweaters.

+15 Hawaiian switch the heating on (if they have it).

+10 Americans are shaking. The Russians are planting cucumbers.

0 American’s water freezes. In Russia, the water thickens.

-5 French cars will not start.

-10 Estonian’s are planning a vacation to Sharm el-Sheik.

-15 Cat climbs into bed. Norwegians put on sweaters.

-17 New York landlords turn the heat up. The Russians last picnic.

-20 American cars don’t start. In Alaska, people put T-shirts on.

-25 German cars don’t start. Hawaiian people have died out.

-30 Politicians begin to talk about homeless. Cat walks up into your pajamas.

-35 Too cold to think about. Japanese cars will not start

-40 You are planning a two-week bath. Swedish cars don’t start.

-42 Traffic in Europe ceases. Russians eat ice cream in the park.

-45 Greeks are dead. Politicians will do something for the homeless.

-50 Eye lashes freeze, as blinked. Bathroom windows closed in Alaska.

-60 Polar bears migrate to south.

-70 The hell froze up inside.

-73 Scoutsbattalion evacuates Santa Claus in Finland.

-80 Lawyers put their hands in their pockets.

-114 Alcohol freezes. Russians are mournful.

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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If you love to take pictures of nature, put on warm clothes and go out at sunrise, near the sea. If you're lucky, you'll see steaming sea under the pink sky (if the sun comes up right behind you). It's just amazing what the nature can show at extreme weather conditions. I've captured that moment twice - once last year at -25C, if i remember correctly and at -15 last Saturday. It should become -30C at weekend... can't wait :D


Great sence of humor in this article! It really entertained me :) In my part of the World it's -14 now and I don't fancy to go outside at all :D


I only wish those nice photos sell too. Some of them will be deleted soon due to 4 years online with no sales.
But I'm glad you liked this amusing text and pictures. Thanks for the feedback!


indeed 20 degrees is not very warm....in spain to we'll put our sweaters on. hahaha funny reading very nice....and excellent photographs something to be
proud of....many happy shootings...saludo desde Spain....


Very cute! and love the pics. K-


haha, great one. I didn't see when did russian cars stop. also would add -40 - russians put their hats on, drink a glass of vodka and go out to play soccer (real story)


hahah BTW excellent pictures


Ha Ha! is so fun reading such an article Thanks Risto, surprisingly some really make scent.


Good one. I never understand the polar bear club types who think 0 is a good time to go for a swim.


Good joke! Excellent photos!
Our tourist guide in Antalya, Turkey in the early spring: "These people swimming in the sea must be German tourists! Turks don't take a bath when the water's temperature is 20 degree Celsius."

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