temperature over 40C here!

chongqing city nightscape

My city chongqing is very hot in summar and these days temperature here is over 40C!In despite of the hot weather,I love my hometown because it's so special.People here are hot like the weather and there are lots of hot cute girls. It's a very modern city with lots of skyscrapers and the night view of city is fabulous.

Photo credits: Chloehall.
  • Chloehall

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August 17, 2011

chengdu is also very hot these days.


August 17, 2011

Nice shot!!! Bye, Francesca


August 16, 2011

Wow! Great pic.


August 16, 2011

Your image is great. 40° is too hot!!!


August 16, 2011

And here temperature is 40C... Bulgaria:) Good portfolio!


August 16, 2011

Great view !


August 16, 2011

protect your camera from the heat, my nikon D3s used to run mad when exposed to too much heat in Gambia!


August 16, 2011

Hi Choehall! I'm in Saudi Arabia and it's currently well over 40C here too! Your city looks much better than mine, though. That's a great night shot! And all the hot girls here are even hotter because they have to wear the black abayas to cover up or the religious police get very upset. :)


August 16, 2011

Great photo!


August 16, 2011

Very nice shot! You should try to get more of those city shots! :)


August 16, 2011

Also in Sicily is quite warm, beautiful night photography!