1 - ALWAYS HANDS WITH YOU THE CAMERA. The best opportunities of release often introduce him in the moments and in the most unthinkable places. Don't take the risk to have to exclaim: "Ah, if I had here the photographic car!!

2 - HE/SHE THINKS BEFORE GOING OFF. Ask you if you want indeed the photo that is about to go off. Ask you: would I publish a similar photo? Would I want her suspended to the wall? You must learn to be severe judges of yourselves.A little of perfectionism does not harm.

3 - GOES OFF SIMPLE! A portrait is winning if it makes indeed protagonist the subject of the photo. A background Italian word edited by admin and few elements of contour don't distract and they focus the attention on our subject. The rule is always worth: better an only color that thousand. Basic in photo it is better.

4. DECENTRALIZES! The rule of the bystanders has been being valid for centuries, before in painting and then in photo. Dividing the shot in third and setting the subject in the intersection of one of the lines we will get a more dynamic image and to the meantime harmonica.

5. LIGHT!!! The word photo has origin from two Greek words: ... (phos) and ...... (graphis). Literally therefore photo means to write (handwriting) with the light (fotos). When we go off we operate always choices of light. We learn, therefore, to write with the light.

6. YOU ACQUIRE THE PHOTOGRAPHIC EYE. The photo is a splendid hobby, when not a profession, and the beautiful one is that it is never finished learning. You are avid of knowledge, you don't detain you to those four or five acquired notions. You frequent forum of photo, you observe the photos of the others (site edited by a mine of knowledge in this sense), you observe your photos and valued with detached aspect, as if the photo you don't have him

7. MORE' SELECTIVE! You discard all the mediocre photos, moved or simply banal. Not The difference among the great photographers and the so great photographers is that the first ones don't show their worse images.

8. NO BLACKBERRIES "AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE." The enterprise is arduous with the classical compattina that by now it also has the function "release puff candeline of the cake to the birthday party of my child", but to release from the automatic formulations is the first footstep to become true photographers. The privilege to build the image gives a whole other satisfaction.

9. HANDS PATIENCE. Often frustration is behind the angle ready to grab us when we have lost the fleeing instant or when that release to which we held particularly seen to the monitor of the computer it appears out us in everything of its shine fire.

10. REVOLUTION IS EVOLUTION! To know the rules to know when you/they can be overturned. At times understands that a photo results grandiose really thanks to the infringement of the rules, even those present in these 10 commandments.


Photographer, taking photograp

Photo credits: Miszaqq.
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Good tips!


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Great tips Alxcoghe!

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