Ten a day

I am pleased to say I have reached a milestone of 2,611 images on dreamstime, and as many of us know, it is not easy! We may have the best of intentions, be the best photographer, work hard, chain ourselves to the computer, but so many of us also have family and other jobs and duties to attend to.

So besides taking the photos in the first place, we then have to download, sort, run through lightroom, play in photo shop, edit some more, touch up, upload, check at 100% for focus, then keyword! PHEW! But don't we all know all a photographer does is press a button? I wish!!!

Sometimes it gets daunting, and I for a long time did not make it easy on myself at all. I am great at uploading.. editing.. even choosing the images. and then I look at the neat little folders full of potential stock-and get overwhelmed and stop!

Well my new years resolution is called '10 A DAY'. I have figured out that following through on small batches is really quite simple, and almost anyone can manage to upload and keyword at least 10 images 5 days a week. So far I have been doing well: and have even been a bit ahead of myself. I have found sometimes once I just get into the habit, its hard to stop! so far, on this, the 4th day of January, 2016, I have had 42 NEW images accepted, and even have 24 pending. So go easy on yourself and set a goal, take a baby step and get busy. Try my "10 a Day" system and see if it might just work for you!

Hidden Cat stalking chicken

Christmas Santa at a parade

Happy boy and his dog

Messy girl with red frosting

Mountain scene in beautiful Colorado

Birthday boy with bear and cake

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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August 10, 2016


Qiwoman01, it takes me about an hour and a half to do 10 images a day if the kids are in bed!!! Late night is my time.... but sometimes sleep wins out. sigh.....

July 31, 2016


Susan - I'm curious as to how many hours submitting ten a day takes you ~

July 10, 2016


Great work, Susan!

January 21, 2016


thank you everyone.. an update here.. as of the 21st of this month by doing my 10 a day, I have 124 new ACCEPTED images on streamstime... including 3 images accepted into this months contest for assignments. yahoo!!!

January 12, 2016


Great article!

January 10, 2016


Congratulations! Best wishes on more sales..

January 10, 2016


I like your photos!

January 06, 2016


Congratulations !

January 06, 2016


Congratulations Susan!

January 05, 2016


Nice work Susan! Best of luck with your challenge.

January 05, 2016


good work! congrats

January 05, 2016


Congratulations!!! Your efforts paid off well!!

Amazing portfolio as well!!

January 05, 2016


The children are very cute.

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