Terror Stuck My Country

Dear DT community its been a sad day for all Indians since 26th Nov 08. Our dear city Mumbai was hit my terror, some 40 terrorist stormed into well known five star property and targeted tourists and killed 200 people and injured around 300 people. And also killed our three most powerful & elite Police officers.

I don't want to riot this site as I'm aware that this is not the place to blog personal things I just want you guys to know how painful it was for us for three days. I'm just highlight how this 40 bloody terrorist terrorized every Indian for almost 60 hours. I hope and pray this doesn't happen in any other country and doesn't repeat again in my homeland India.

I salute all the people who scarified their life to save us.


© Lorna

Photo credits: Alptraum, Lebedinski, Lorna, Ruta Saulyte, Shaik Dawood .k, Visionair.

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December 08, 2008


Surely this world is a two-speed, course, the march is more devastating, but the fertile and healthy is stronger! A hug

December 02, 2008


I love India and have been so many times in mumbai. I am really sorry to see those images on television ...

December 01, 2008


Thanks Noonie, Wll you have a great portfolio hence I added you as my fav, Well in some way you are right, and in some way you might be wrong, we need to speak even if its a terror strike or a storm. Anyways thanks for those lines.

December 01, 2008


I looked at your portfolio and then got busy and forgot about sending a response to this until I was reminded today by the fact that you added me to your favorites. Thanks for doing that and, YES, we can relate to your losses in a terrible way! It's hard to respond to such things and maybe some people just are hesitant to do so because of that. If a storm causes havock it's pretty easy to say how upsetting it is, but in such a volatile world it can be very hard to put into words what we may be thinking. People are thinking about it and worrying--it can happen any day, any where and be caused by terrorists or just regular people (as in school shootings). You aren't alone in this.....wish something could be done to stop all the slaughter........it's a harsh word, but that's what happens. Best wishes to all and let's pray for some sanity!

November 30, 2008


Thank you so much dear Irisangel, I'm really thankful to you and your concern and your prayers. You know when I posted this blog in DT I thought there will be hundreds of comments to cheer the people who lost their dear ones. But after I saw the lukewarm response I came to the conclusion that people don't really care when some one is dying. I'm surprised all the Indian DT users even didn't bother to just drop a line. I had linked back this blog from my another blog with a huge heading Look how concerned our fellow photographers are. I was forced to delete that link. Anyways thanks for whoever read this and prayed for the humanity. And special thanks for Irisangel for taking the time to comment on this.

November 30, 2008


We have watched this very closely here in the U.S. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of so many of us are with you and your people. I am married to a former New York City Police officer and I can sympathize with the pain of losing such brave policemen and the deaths of so many innocent people is unforgivable. We lost so many on Sept 11 and the pain is refreshed by these events. I also pray that this terror will end one day. Blessing to you and your family.

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