Test Jupiter 37A lens with Nikon

Hi all!!!I have a little story for you!

So… When I just started to take photos, I was using old camera, which was made in USSR somewhere around 1980 called ZENIT, where you was using photo film inside! I think a lot of people remember these ones!

And for last few months I was really interested in good old USSR lenses, as during that time things was made to serve for centuries! I read a lot about converting and combining new stuff with old manual lenses, and I found what I was searching for…

I bought myself few adapters for M42 bayonet joint for Nikon and buy also few lenses of old times manual cameras! First one I try legend of past century in USSR Jupiter 37A f 3,5 135mm together with my Nikon. I should say that it was quite nice experience to use this one and results also was quite good!

Actually I didn’t expected that in fully manual mode I would catch such great dynamics, like in photo with running dogs, and such a great sharpness from first shoots!:)

I always like to make some experiments and try for something new and I will continue to try this and other old lenses which will get to my hands!

Enjoy! ;)

Photo credits: Svetlana Solovjova.

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August 03, 2018


Actually, for this kind of lens, and for few other types like bokeh monster TAIR 11A, there is an original adapter, KP/AH soviet type, easily found on eBay for 30$ or something, that can be mounted on the lens after unscrew the 3 little screws from the M42 shank and remove the M42 shank. Jupiter 37A, TAIR 11A and few other "A" type soviet lenses have this removable shank and can switch mount between M42, Nikon (KP / AH adapter) and few other adapters.http://sovietcamerastore.com/product/soviet-kp-ah-tail-end-adapter/https://www.ebay.com/itm/KP-A-N-Adapter-Mount-for-A-lens-to-Nikon-camera-or-Kiev-19-Sigma-BR-NEW/391132518317I actually bought a chipped KP / AN adapter, using an European Dandelion chip, and used it on a Nikon D750. It works pretty well, it gives some misreadings in focus confirmation (works on M, A modes) and in metering, but I reckon I didn't figure out how to work with him yet. The pictures are quite similar to Nikon 135mm f2.8 AI-S but Jupiter 37A has to be stopped down a little for better performance. It is not 100% Nikon 135mm f2.8 AI-S, but somewhere between 70 - 80% of the Nikon IQ it is for sure.

May 31, 2013


Great to know about that mount, I have some old lenses I just loved. And the photo flowers are great!

May 30, 2013


great blog. Thanks for sharing.

May 27, 2013


I had a chance to get a older lens in great shape for very little, but was worried about how it would do. I may have to give it a try after ready your blog. Thanks for sharing!

May 27, 2013


Thats cool, Svetlana!

May 26, 2013


I'm glad that i'm not the only one who thinks like that!!!:)

May 26, 2013


Svetlana, you are completely right without any 'but' :) My J37 (second hand) costed $$90 only but it's optical and mechenical performance is at the level of the Canon L-series. The obly disadvantage is mandatory manual mode, but as I see from your beautiful pictures, it is not a great problem. I also habe Helios-44-2 58mm/2.0 Jupiter-21 200mm/3.0 and Jupiter 8. For sure, I will try to follow your way :) Thanks a lot once again!

May 26, 2013


But really, this lenses gives quite interesting effects, and i mean that sometimes they are better than some new ones!Only problem that they are fully manual,but when you really a photografer it's not a problem!:)
And also you shouldnt pay for them 2000 USD they are much more cheaper...That's why I think that it's kind of trend!
And Igor,your astrophotos are tottaly great!And I suggest to you,if you have oppotunity to try more of old Helios and Jupiters and etc...I have now 6 old lenses!

May 26, 2013


yes, thanks for sharing - it's getting a bit of a trend to use our old lenses on our high tech digitals - I am thinking about this myself but then rather into a range I haven't got any lenses get - 500mm or 600mm - in earlier days I was a fan of Pentax Takumar lenses, they also have a M42 bayonet

May 25, 2013


Thanks for sharing, Svetlana. Actually, you have inspired me to try the same. I have J37 AM which I used with my Canon for astrophoto (like this one that was obtained just with J37) but I did not think it could be used just as regular lens. As I remenber, it gives terrible lot of chromatic abberations being open but it's quite OK starting with f/5.6 or so. So, I will try. Thanks once again!

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