Text Messaging Mania

Attention all parents! Has anyone noticed a peculiar appendage sprouting from the palm of your preeteen/teen's hand? Well, don't phone the doctor quite yet, I've been told not to worry, its just a cell phone!

However, these youngsters are doing anything but talking!

Mine seem to be doing more text messaging than anything else! Its appears they've developed some kind of secret code or acronyms to communicate covertly with their good friends.

Has anyone ever wondered what the heck they are texting about? Below you will find a short list of some of the more popular text messaging acronyms.

Maybe this list will help uncover the mystery behind the text message code. By no means is this meant to be comprehensive or all inclusive list.

If anyone out there has more, just continue adding to the list by making a comment below! We parents need to band together during these trying times LOL! (uh-oh its contagious!) Maybe if we do, we may stand a chance at cracking the secret code! BTW in my mind would be just GR8 B4N!

1. BTW - By the way

2. BRB - Be right back

3. PIR - Parents in room

© Godfer

4. B4N - Bye for now

5. GR8- Great

6. IRL - In real life

7. LOL - Laughing out loud

8. LMAO- Laughing my a** off

9. OIC - Oh I see

10. STBY - Sucks to be you

11. NP- No problem

12. DILLIGAS - Do I look like I give a sh**

13. J/K- Just Kidding

14. TMI - Too much information

15. WEG - Wicked evil grin

Photo credits: Carlos Caetano, Ccharleson, Constantin Opris, Dndavis, Godfer, Oleksandr Kramarenko.

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October 19, 2008


Interesting :)

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