Thank God! not only nightingales..

After being very happy and thankful with my first and recent sales however I began to think I would get stuck in sales only of Nightingales as about half of the photos sold showed one of them,however this morning at least I managed to get a warbler downloaded, also a bird but at least not a nightingale...

greetings to everybody around there and I hope you like the Bee-eater and his fly!

web without nightingales

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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July 05, 2010


thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments, and about the comment of Thanatonauti and the necessary patience: actually you need a lot of luck, Bee-eaters like to hunt and then perch always on the same twig to beat and
throw the caught insect into the air, if you are there: you got him!

July 05, 2010


Great photos!

July 05, 2010


Beautiful photos! ..And a great website! I wish you a lot of sales.

July 04, 2010


Wonderful picture! I think you must have a lot of patience to get a picture like that one!

July 04, 2010


Great shot! Good luck in more sales! :)

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