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Sale number two! I'm not sure why it is such an adrenalin rush to have a sale, but there it is.

I have not met my second goal of having 50 uploads because I have been focusing on my studio. Business is really starting to heat up for us here in Korea. If you would like to connect through any sort of social media, just look for DaVinciPhotos and you are bound to find us.

One thing that has taken my portrait photography to a new level was Zack Arias and his One Light Workshop. Now, Zack has a new blog called Dedpxl and a new video coming out. I am going to pre-order the video today.


Photo credits: Christopher Saint Germain.

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March 17, 2014


You have so many ideas and creative energy, so make to create many new images!

March 13, 2014


Thank you all very much.

Fabio, I use to live in Napoli. Your pics make me homesick.

Laura, I think your model shots are the way to go. Too many people seem to not want to bother with the model releases. Models in my studio is the route I am going to go.

Larry, your beach photos make me want to visit Sunrise. It looks very peaceful there.


March 12, 2014


Well done!! Congrats!!

March 12, 2014


Keep shooting like that and you'll reach your goal in no time. Congrats.

March 12, 2014


Congrats on your sale! Hope you can achieve your goal soon!

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