Thank you buyers

Through this short post I want to thank the buyer who beleived in me in these months. Although I know i have sold only 33 images, it's beautiful know that someone likes my pictures and I understand that thanks to downloads that I have received in recent months.

This is a reason to keep creating new images!

Thanks again, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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Thank you both Trottola and Justmeyo ;-)


You have a beautiful portfolio, so I agree with Maigi: buyers have to be gateful to you ;)


Congratulations and good luck:)


Thank you Mariaam, but I'm not sure of the procedure that I am taking to create them ... once I had the first response, I will make all the other :-)


It´s good that you upload the EPS format! Nice portfolio. Well done. ;)


Thank you all.
It's true, I have less images uploaded, but I prefer download few images everyday and try to mantain a "creative line" and a costant standard. Then I have to admit I'm very lazy inserting the tags in images and then, at the end, I have begin to create some eps files because also that could increase sellings. At the moment I'm waiting for an answer for an eps file I uploaded some days ago: when I'll sure I made it right (I never made that type of files), I create other EPS files :-)


Still, I am surprized that you have sold only 33 images, because you have a wonderful potofolio. At least, I think that you should sell much more. I think if you'll upload more, your sales will grow fast. Do you have uploaded around 320 images in almost 2 years, that is not so much. Try work harder, if you have time, because they are awesome. I wish you good luck. Keep walking :D


I'm sure all buyers are really grateful to you, that you share your images and they have opportunity to buy them.
Good luck to you with your images and best wishes.

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