Thank you, Teachers!

I used to be a teacher. An academic teacher - which was lovely - because students are wonderful people and their optimism and energy are so very infectious. Then for a while I was teaching grown-ups (they call them “mature students” now) which was also lovely because often they would approached me as if i was a member of their family rather than just a teacher.

I loved my job and would have not stopped but for changes in my personal life - now I am a full time mum and I am enjoying it too. My girls are now in primary school and I came to realize that people who teach little children have probably the most difficult teaching job of all! What a responsibility and what a challenge! Children are so amazing and their mind is like an open book but they also can be... well, very childish :-)

I remember how much appreciation I was getting as a teacher. Now it is my turn to say thank you for teaching my children. I know how much passion and patience teachers have, how much they care and how much of their personal time after work they spend on preparing for the next day lessons and correcting children’s homework.

So, I have created a “Thank you, Teacher” image to express my gratitude and appreciation that I feel for all the teachers. Here it is:

© Ewapix

As it became my most popular image I thought that Christmas is coming and it occurred to me that it would be good to have a “Merry Christmas” image for the teachers too. I took the photo and soon it was accepted by Dreamstime. Here it is:

© Ewapix

Thank you, teachers!

Photo credits: Ewapix.

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I don't know how teachers make it though a full day. Especially middle school teachers. I work with a small group of middle school boys once a week for a few hours and I'm mentally exhausted!


Nice !


I wish you good luck!


Great ideas :) I'm a teacher too.


Thank you, everyone! Ewapoix


Lovely concept!!


That´s a great concept!!!


Great idea!


Good idea!


Good idea, great job!!!


Great concepts !


Your images are great, good idea. We all remember ad are thankful for many of the teachers we had.


Thank you, Ebamo! Ewapix


I'm a teacher too :)!! Lovely pictures and composition!

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