Thanks Dreamstime for approval of being exclusive

Now it looks really that on Dreamstime, dreams come true, as I have been approved for exclusivity member. There are lots of benefits as being exclusive member, you may read it here, how you get approved bonus, enhanced percentage and lot more.

I am requesting every body here that if you haven't chosen the same for you then go and submit the application, only one thing required that is INTEGRITY.

Thanks with anticipation

School children playing at glacier

Stream in Winter landscape

Photo credits: MEIRAJ UD DIN SHAH.

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March 02, 2017


Lovely snow pics!

January 12, 2017


Congratulations, this is still a micro stock, your micro got just a micro bigger :)

January 12, 2017


Congratulations! Bro. I also became exclusive on DT past month and got bonus of approx $20. Exclusivity bonus can only be gotten if your download/image average is equal or higher than 0.1"

January 12, 2017


Just a little reminder about the upload bonus : "If your portfolio exceeds 100 approved submissions, you will receive the bonus only if your download/image average is equal or higher than 0.1" ( see this thread

January 12, 2017


Good luck!

January 12, 2017



January 12, 2017


nice winter pictures :)

January 12, 2017


Thanks a lot

January 12, 2017


Congratulations and best wishes

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