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Thanks for P-EL Sale

Thanks to the buyer of this image of a horse stable. This photo was taken at a friend's house in Vermont. We were headed over for dinner and I had asked if I could take some photos of their beautiful piece of property.

We left the house a bit later than we had planned and on the drive over I was watching the setting sun cast a beautiful glow on the mountains. I knew I wouldn't have much time to get some shots before the sun set.

When we arrived I jumped out of the car with my tripod and started running around the property. I left my wife to greet our friends and make up for my rude behavior. ;-)

I managed to get several shots of the barn/stable from various angles including this inside the stable shot.

So far this image has sold 5 times. I think that having a property release has helped it to sell as a P-EL. As a P-EL sale this means it might be used in a calendar or book cover so I'll be on the look out for it.

It would be cool to see it on something I could buy for my friend as a thank you!

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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March 09, 2012


Really nice capture and a nice mood to it with such nice lighting. Good job and congrats on the sales!

March 09, 2012



March 09, 2012



March 09, 2012



March 09, 2012



March 08, 2012


congratulations :)

March 08, 2012


I'm no expert but I'd think it certainly must help in certain situations. Some buyers might be reassured with a property release especially if they are going to the printing press.

March 08, 2012


It is an interesting idea. You mean and it does make sense that even a photo that was accepted without a property release would maybe benefit if I add one after the fact. I am asking since I have a few photos I took in my house and there are details of furniture and others like bathroom fixtures. I could grant myself a property release.

March 08, 2012


I think you're right. With P-EL are the chances of sales increasing.

March 08, 2012


Congratulations, great image.

March 08, 2012



March 08, 2012


Congrats to you :)

March 08, 2012


Property release is always good idea, congrats :)

March 08, 2012



March 08, 2012


:) Congrats!

March 08, 2012



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