It is a holiday here in the USA, a day of reflection and family for many, where we give thanks for what we have. I will NOT be out in the stores buying 'things' or camping out in the rain and snow. I will be with grandkids and grown children and parents, thankful that my parents are still here to share a dinner, thankful that my children are grown and have a roof over their heads and a job to care for THEIR children, and thankful for my 8 grandchildren, a few who have already survived medical threats and a few still dealing with them, perhaps all their lives.

I am thankful I have a wonderful, caring man by my side and some good possibilities of a job this next week. I am thankful that I had things to sell to create a little cushion while I look for work, and for stock agencies like dreamstime that keeps the dollars trickling in. I am thankful that war has not directly touched my family, even though I have a son, nephews, nieces, and many other family members who have served or still are. I am thankful that I am still generally healthy in my early 50s and I have a wonderful support group of family and friends. And most of all I am thankful for the opportunities I have and have had in the past, many thankful things that some are not allowed and others take for granted.

So even if you are a black friday shopper, working at a soup kitchen, waiting for your next meal, or spending times with loved ones, be thankful on this thanksgiving for the things you DO have. I know I am very thankful.

Bowl of fresh cranberries

Peach cobbler with ice cream

Healthy finger foods

Roasted chicken for dinner

Grandpa playing with grandkids in a pile of leaves

Outdoor family portrait mom dad and two young boys

Sisterly love

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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Your gratitude is contagious! Thank you !


Great food, beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

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