The beauty of Israel

I've been documenting Israel's natural beauty on DT for almost 10 years.

It never cease to amaze me how deep is the contrast between the beauty of the country and the difficulties that accompany those who dare living here.

Despite the fact that Isis is on our borders, The situation with the Palestinians never looked worse, and generally speaking it's pretty hard making a living here, the citizens of this country love it.

There is something magical in its vistas, its weather, its ever changing terrain.

There is a long and reach history to this place.

You can't replace it with any other country, and so I photograph, and in documenting the beauty, I hope others see beyond the bad news.

I hope one of these days we will find a mutual interest in promoting beauty over ugliness and desperation, in our mutual interests over the separating ones.

Until we reach this day, I will keep on shooting the vistas to remind myself why I, too, cannot give up on Israel.

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December 14, 2015


@Yorgy67 - In Israel everything is political. Politics is part of life here whether you like it or not. Look at the top comment on my post - A Muslim from Jordan claims there is no place called Israel.

December 14, 2015


@Yazeedabualhaj - Israel is here to stay. It will never be yours. tough luck!

December 09, 2015


Its palestine. .. not Israel ther are nothing that name is Israel

December 06, 2015


Great Photos,Keep up your good work.

December 06, 2015


Beautiful, beautiful images.

December 06, 2015


We are here to deal with photography and not politics. So it's better you don't.

December 06, 2015


beautiful photos

December 06, 2015


That's true! We are exactly now on the way to Timna park - another amazing piece of Israel!

December 06, 2015


Amazing photo!!!

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Photo credits: Amitai.