The best things about frogfish

I think it's safe to say that the long lure frogfish, Antennarius multiocellatus, is not classically beautiful. However, they have loads of character and are, I would argue, so comical in form and behaviour as to make them, well, cute.

Although highly camouflaged ambush predators and very hard to spot, they are often surprisingly brightly coloured and chose oddly contrasting backgrounds on which sit and wait for their prey. They also can't swim very well, as their pectoral and ventral fins are highly modified for walking on the sea bed. All together, these features makes them excellent photographic subjects and I was able to come back over the course of several days to this one; experimenting with a wide range of angles, depth of field and lighting settings.

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February 12, 2017


Interesting article and I agree this fishes are very spectacular!

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Photo credits: Jeremy Brown.