The key to success is diversity

I have only been with DT for a sort time and I only have 47 images online but I fell like I have had very good success for a beginner with 12 sales so far.

Most of my sales came when I had a lot less images on line, about 35. With so few images I think that my diversity of images is what has given me the sales I have so far.

I see some contributors like to specialize in certain types of images but that will limit your ability to sell photos to a wide variety of designers as designers are not always looking for the same types of pictures. By having a large variety of good images I would think that your portfolio would get more exposure, i.e. show up in different searches and lead to higher sales.


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July 17, 2010


I agree with you. I have many different subjects in my portfolio and i got 12 downloads with 47 images on line as well!!! Good luci for many more sales ;)

July 17, 2010


That´s true! I totally agree with you!

July 17, 2010


Totally agree with you on that.
One of the reasons I am going slow and steady as I am making sure I don't fall into a particular type of picture.

July 17, 2010


You are very right my friend. More diversity means more sales and I try to create different images for my portfolio too.

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