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Hello Dreamstimers, hope this new decade started on the right mood for you as it did for me here on Dreamstime.

now that i got my first taste of a payout, i am getting greedy and want to see the next payout sooner, and more regularly.

one of my favourite bloggers also left me with this optimistic assurance, "...the next one(payout) will be faster". is it?

well, this is the reason for this blog today. do we really have some control to the steering wheel as to how we get more downloads in this business? can we actually make images that draw DT clients to download them? are there certain elements of the image that buyers use as criteria to take my image as opposed to yours. or even more specific, this image

as opposed to other similar ones?

is it human interest that made this image

one of my most downloaded ? i had two other captures of this event but only this one sold repeatedly each year.

why? was it the child being the centre of focus

that made this more attractive to the buyer?

or was there something more? eg. the imaginary triangle placement of the 3 cyclists? timing, composition, placement - capture...?? the eye contract with me from one of the cyclists? or all of the above?

eye contact? did you say eye contact?

like this one? it's all but eye contact with this one surely.

or is it the colour ? the unearthly tone ? the uneasy mood of the eyes, the wrinkle on the forehead, the use of lighting to bring out texture to the skin, the intensity?

or all of the above?

what about these other ones?

there is no human interest, nor eye contact, yet they are my most popular images?

did someone bought the license to use these images because of nostalgia? was it because of the juxtaposition of the subject vs object? was it the immensity or the historical factor ?

or was it the conscious use of a certain focal length to show grandeur as well as panorama? would another focal length have failed to make these images not quite right?

or all of the above?

i think, it's all of the above. or is it just coincidence and highly academic? users of generic micro images don't think this way?

they just found the images via keywords and viola, they buy it?

nothing calculative as this.

what do you say?

thanks for coming along as usual. it's always good to be in your company.

enjoy your shooting ! in the end, that's what truly makes the whole thing about photography worthwhile. in fact, i think, when we place the enjoyment above all other factors, the rest just falls into place to be the icing to the cake. Peace.

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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January 26, 2010


I always wonder what causes a person to choose one photo over another, just a matter of personal taste maybe. I'm sure I'll never figure it out.

I think yours are getting lots of DLs because you do some nice work!!! Congrats I know your next payout will come very soon.

January 22, 2010


Great article, find it very informative. The key most probably in my opinion is to be unusual, and in good way to bring buyers to your picture. The second most important is the thumbnail in the way that I see it.

P.S.: You know what, I have had the same problem as you Wildmac, except that school usually refreshes my brain, unlike other children, where school usually drains their brain fluids out. Perhaps you should actually take a holiday and stop thnking about photography for a while.

January 22, 2010


Great blog! I think you're right about enjoying your shooting. I've had a bit of a mental block recently. I'm not sure if my brain is still on holiday with my kids, they start back to school in Feb, or if I'm now putting too much pressure on myself to perform. But I just have no enthusiasm for anything photographic at the moment and I usually love taking photos. I think maybe I just need to shake things up a bit and make it more fun. Maybe I'll have a red day tomorrow with the kids. We can have a treasure hunt for red things for me to photograph. Or yellow, or fluffy things who knows as long as it is fun. Congratulations on your 1st payout! Cheers Carol :)

January 21, 2010


congratulations for your first payout - i will hopefully follow you soon - in my opinion i don't think there is a recipe to see which stock photos are wanted and needed and will be the most popular - times change - there are lots of images to choose from, so basically i think it's up to us when we edit and keyword to take a few more minutes and think like a buyer (not always easy) and see what it is that they look for - good luck and i'm sure you'll get your next payout soon - you've got a great port

January 20, 2010


You are clearly doing things right and selling lots of your work; so well done. David.

January 20, 2010


Great to see that optimistic spirit! Good luck in sales! Cheers ;)

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