Things can speak 1. Repetition and rhythm.

How about the things can talk to you or to each other? No, they can't? Incorrect. Things surely can talk. They even can speak in many languages. The first one I am going to write about is called "Repetition and rhythm". What is it?

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When we have some ordinary object, we usually see just a piece of known and useful (or useless, actually doesn't matter) stuff*. But what if we got two objects? Than we can see a connection between them. They do talk! This is a very new matter, which is not related to the object itself. How about two connections? Two connections create a rule of connection. A lot of connections create a repetition rule. Even if you hate the objects themselves you may love the rule of those connection.
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In the complex systems theory there is so called Plane paradox. Let's take any detail of an aircraft. Each one from engine to pilot will newer fly itself. But if we connect all them in the correct order, the bundle will get some new property: ability to fly. In the same way things on a picture may show some new property when they are together.

Let's go further. There is a very important kind of that repetition called rhythm. Here is one of its definitions. Rhythm -- movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions. In photography this kind of repetition plays quite an interesting role as well as in poetry. It give us a very powerful way of shooting how things chat to each other.

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Let's take a heap of ordinary white plates. Nothing interesting. But if we just think of them in the right way, they might tell us something new. Think of, not about them. :) Do you hear the plates' chatting? :) Summing the scribble up, let's make a rule of thumb for ourselves. If an object has nothing to shoot, it might be interesting to shoot it talking to other ones.


* Have you read anything by Kant? :)

Photo credits: , Pavel Lunin, Rene Jansa, Rui Matos.

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