Things Do Not Always Work Out As Planned

Well I am back from my trip to Florida. It was fun because I got time to spend with my family and my nieces. I had high hopes of coming back home with lots of photos to use from my trip but it did not turn out that way. I mainly went to Florida for my nieces Karate Tournament but when it came to photography I was having a hard time do to the gym not having the proper lighting plus I had to stay at a distance so I would not distract my nieces. Then the next day we hit the Brevard Zoo. As soon as we get into the zoo and get to the first exhibit which was a Python in a tent it starts to poor down rain so we are stuck in this tent with 2 Pythons with water rushing towards us for 10 - 15 minutes. Luckily my youngest niece let me barrow her rain coat so I could throw it over my camera to protect it. After being stuck in the tent we ventured out but it still kept on raining off and on through out our stay at the zoo which meant most of the animals was not in view cause they wanted to stay out of the rain. I really hoped to get a few pictures of my nieces feeding the giraffes but do to the rain we never saw them.

I did get a few cute shots of my youngest niece at the zoo feeding Lorikeets:

Feeding the Lorikeets Picture

My oldest niece who is 14 years old loves photography but she is just a beginner so here is one of her shots she took of me and a Lorikeet:

Lorikeet looking into my camera

Even though things did not work out as planned when it comes to photography I still had a fun time. Now I just got to work harder the next couple of weeks to meet my year end goal.

Here's to looking up to the weeks to come :)

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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October 13, 2008


Very interesting article...good shot...keep it up

October 13, 2008


Should be a pleasant trip.
Great shot!

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