Things I Am Trying To Improve Upon

I have been here almost a year now, I didn't get much on for the first few months but things have been going well lately. My family and friends have let me photograph them and I've also done a lot of other things. I have read the message boards constantly and learned from others, thanks for having that available to me! So now here are my shortcomings that I will admit to:

1) I love to write but I can't spell, so a double thanks for the spell check.

2) I will start working on a photo, save it, and forget to finish the editing process before uploading.

3) I will sometimes upload the wrong file.

4) Oops, you mean I need a release for that?

5) I take too many shots trying to decide how to frame a picture.

6) I totally mess up the settings and therefore miss a great opportunity.

7) Now, what can I add so that I don't get the "lack of composition" gremlin--- I need to think about that one BEFORE taking the picture next time.

8) Want more and better stuff all the time!

9) Don't buy the more and better stuff!

10) Love my pictures too much and not realize that they aren't stock.

11) Yell at inanimate objects.

12) Lose my concentration---------


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Photo credits: Susan Leggett.
Susan Leggett
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My real job is caning chairs and repairing wicker pieces, but photography is more fun. If you like my vintage photographs and need something specific, please feel free to leave me a message and I'll see if it's avaliable.

I love being outside and have many hobbies that take me outdoors.
Through my pictures you can get a glimpse of my lifestyle and all of the things I enjoy.

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July 02, 2008

Remove those technical reasons,perhaps we should not think so many in all days,maybe you really shouldn't admit them, they are our fetters~~


July 02, 2008

Well, maybe we really shouldn't admit it------------------


July 02, 2008

I can certainly relate to a lot of the points you make above. LOL!


July 02, 2008

We need to progress in the constant summary.