The things microstock has bought for me

Like most of us here, I have been playing with cameras for 20 years or so, a passion, and an expensive hobby.

So when I joined Dreamstime all the time ago ... end of 2006 ... I really did not know what to expect. My first sale came in the first week. I had the enormous portfolio of 3 images.

Right now, I only have 342 images online. It is not uncommon for me to take 140 shots in a day and only submit 1 picture. Over the years I have learned to be really picky about what I submit. And it has worked. My return per image is much higher than most photographers with thousands of images in their portfolio.

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At the moment I am comfortably moving on with around $500 a month in return. I use the money to feed my habit and buy better gear. This month I have a great set of studio lights on the way.

I moved from a Canon 300D to a 30D, bought a Nikon DIH, lots of nice lenses, Mamiya medium format camera. Oh, and a set of old construction lights I used as continuous lighting. They are about to be sent to the lighting heaven.

What have you bought with you cash?

Photo credits: Ivan Tihelka, Milosluz.

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July 30, 2008


I checked out all your portfolios and see there are some great shots. I hope you keep coming back and reading. And best of luck ... keep your chin up and sell sell sell.

Marilyn - if you got some dog shots and isolated them with a clipping path they would sell well.

Bigpress - add some more keywords. You have great stuff but I think it would be hard to find them amongst the 3 million images. Go to an online thesaurus and get some more synonyms.

Studio - have you submitted those construction photos to the current assignment? Great shots of China and the Olympics. I am sure you in the right place at the right time. Go to the front page and submit them.

July 30, 2008


Hi David its a year since really started loading and ive sold about 235 images, I have a small port it sat at 50 for sometime and I was still selling . I dont have time to download anymore, but Ive also become much pickier. Im working up to my third payout, and hope to upgrade my equipment with it. I love photography, have met some great people and am just happy that I can offset the costly habit of cameras. Keep it up, I love your interiors, my bestsellers are also interiors and scenic shots, have no people. cheers D

July 29, 2008


Hi David. I am one of those photographers with many images and little return. I am not as selective as you, great images by the way, but so far I have been able to upgrade on a NEW CAMERA.

Thanks Dreamstime! for helping our images reach an audience.

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