Though for a long time it was, and it is pleasant to recollect!

Recently on a TV have informed that in the world is totaled 8 million millionaires!

As I am glad for millionaires!!!

I the millionaire. However, former.:) Yes, it so. I do not say lies.

At us speak: " Not in money happiness, and in their quantity "

When I was born, there was here such money. These are the fineest paper money, but very strong and wearproof. They are called rouble, or on national "fragmentary".

These are larger money - 10 roubles.

Or a tchervonets. But most of all people preferred 25 roubles and 100 roubles. It is a pity that the banknote of 100 roubles at me in a collection is not present.

The USSR has then broken up and have appeared money from a usual paper which were not quoted anywhere. Them coupons have named. After them have appeared money with a lot of zero. Them have named grivna. When paid the salary of banknotes was so much, that there were no pockets. At that time I was the millionaire. It is a pity that the banknote 1000000 grivna at me in a collection is not present.

There was a currency reform and I have gone bankrupt. It was bad who had many millions. To me has luck. I had very few millions.

Now I use such money.The truth beautiful! Same green as the dollar :)) In Ukraine is still red, brown, yellow, violet, dark blue money. All colors of a rainbow. Completely to look it is possible here.

And I would not like to be again the millionaire at all. Greater money - greater problems.

I joke!

Everyone want money, and it is more.

Here such my small story it is possible to become quickly the millionaire, and then instantly to become beggars.

Only do not think that it I wish to cause to me pity. No! I have simply told the small history.

Photo credits: Tokomag.

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