Thought about Christmas

Over several weeks Christmas comes and that give me a state of euphoria.

It is holiday that I love most from all year.What i love most when the Christmas it is close?I like the rush surrounding us before the holidays,i love the city and shop window decorate and beautiful,I like the atmosphere that is seems full of love and optimism than usual.I like when the snow outside and the town is dressed in a white robe. Christmas is for me an end of the road, in the sense that at each end of the year I think what we have achieved and what I wanted to achieve .

Thinking about what I want to do in the future, i think that next year will be much better than this year.I have almost 6 months here on Dreamstime,in this time i learned a lot of things but i must to learn more and more till i get the best.So ,because Christmas it is close i came with this photos(my news photo with Christmas )and i hope i will make you the day better and think Christmas it is closer.

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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November 26, 2008


Thank you and i wish u the same too,Gabriel

November 26, 2008


Very nice images!!!
Happy holidays!

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