© Fredvl

So my first sale came, causing me to bounce up and down like a small child that drank too much red cola. I uploaded some more photos that received a few views, but it's been quiet on the front, with no sign of the buyers, and yet, I'm excited. Today I feel like I can grab my camera, go take a few shots and upload it, to see what happens.

During the "probation" period of having to upload photos to impress the judges, I kept getting everything declined, until about a week ago. I finally got an acceptance email! As I'm sure everyone here would know - it's a great feeling.

But here lies the problem. I'm a Landscape photographer living in what is definitely the worst place for landscapes. It's all just dirty, inhabited, rolling hills, with the smog filled air trapping the sun around me.

The coast, with its colossal mountain ranges, natural fauna and clean air is where I want to be, but it's over a thousand kilometers away. To pack up and leave a whole life behind here is somewhat of a daunting thought. But maybe it's worth it.

All the best photographs in my portfolio has been taken somewhere along the coast of South Africa.

© Fredvl

Luckily with Stock, you can take your business anywhere you go! I don't have a boss telling me not to go, or I'll be fired. As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection somewhere, I'll be a happy camper!

So here we go, can't wait to get out there and start shooting away!

It's a dawn of a new day!

© Fredvl

Photo credits: Fredvl.

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May 17, 2011


Great images, thank god for inventing the internet connection. :P

May 17, 2011


Amazing photos! keep working!

May 17, 2011


You have amazing photos! Don't give up!

May 17, 2011


Keep up the good work. But do not forget that the landscape photos are only a small part of microstock industry and you can enrich your portfolio with many other images as well as landscape shots.

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