Thoughts from a Newbie.

Hi, I've been with Dreamstime for just over two months and what a two months it has been.

My photography has radically changed as I've learnt much about microstock photography. I've also became obsessed with photograhy, taking my camera with me at all times and noting down any ideas that I have related to photos. It has been very motivating. My only frustration has been not enough time.

I've been on Flickr for about two years and learnt loads over there but the freeback is very soft and cozy.

Since, joining Dreamstime, I've began tackling issues such as noise, and am much more aware about other technical issues such as sharpening. Due to reading the forums here, I've changed my camera settings and now shot most photos at 100 ISO and use my tripod much more.

Another thing I've changed is my on camera settings. I've reduced 'sharpen' to '0' as this is suppose to reduce noise. I've found that my images are very 'soft' now and mastering sharpening is my next 'technical' challenge.

Also, I've tried my hand at 'concept' shots. I find this part very interesting, trying to convey a message with objects and photo skills.

I've read many posts on the forum. As a newbie, I found the most valuable information for a newbie is to concentrate on 'uploads' and not on sales. Thanks 'Thefinalmiracle' and others for that. I set 'uploads' targets and have been very motivated to attain them, whereas if I concentrated on 'sales' I think my motivation would have evaporated.

Another issue that I need to address is the amount of time I spend uploading, writing keywords and the like. I've got a bit faster but a better work flow is something that could save me a lot of time. I haven't been able to get the ftp thing working yet either.

Whilst, I've learnt lots over the past two months. I've found that I have more questions now and issues to tackle then when I started.

Issues at the top of my list are;

How to master sharpening for microstock purposes.

How to use photoshop awesome power for microstock purposes. I love this program but I have been very timid with it so far, for microstock purposes. I've seen it put to some great use here.

How to maximize, the photo potent of the environment that I live in.

Workflow - I need to reduce the time spent from getting the picture ready for upload to keywording.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Photo credits: Christopher Rawlins.

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January 05, 2009


You have been busy - almost 200 uploads! Another piece of encouragement is that things traditionally slow down over the last few months of the year. My guess is that your sales will take off in a few months thanks to all of the uploading you are doing...

January 05, 2009


Hi Creativei, great portfolio - I love your illustrations, they're great fun.
Thanks for the tip. I've downloaded filezilla and uploaded some files. Some seem to be missing but I'll check out the forum as I know there's something on missing ftp already.

January 05, 2009


Great Start, hope you have good times at DT, well for FTP, try downloading a free ftp client filezilla if you are on windows and Fetch if you are mac, I use filezila and it works cool. If you already have a commercial ftp software use it. If you could tell whats the real problem with FTP DT users will be very eager to help you, but you need to post it in forum section

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