Hello DT’s people!

I'm experiencing a bad period in love and in family: we often realize too late that the people we have around us are the worst of the world ... but we must carry on and forget the bad words heard against us!

At the moment my illustrations are examinated by DT, so I can’t present new works! I take the opportunity to show you some old artwork, maybe some buyer finds something useful for his work, who knows ...

I have no other news at the moment but I’m sure the news will arrive in the future!

See you soon (for new thoughts or presentation),


Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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Thank you, Hlehnerer!
ah, I have to ask to my readers a question: Is it useful create a RAW format of an illustration o is it completely useless?


Very nice illustration!


Thank you Robert. I see your works and I admit they are very interesting :-)
See you soon, G.E.


Hello Tiziano!
Very nice images. See you soon. Bye, Rob.


Thank you Mani33 :-)
I never thought of DT as a family but in a manner of speaking it's a very big, comfortable and happy truth! Some new works will arrive soon (everything depends by DT's will) and I've some new idea to develop! I hope also the buyer will appriciate my image, but this is another problem...I can define it a "numeric" problem :-)
Ciao ;-)


Friends are the family we choose (that's what we use to say), so I advise you to get some friends arround you and I'm sure they will help to move on. Forgivness is nice and will make you comfortable also... Put your self in front of your PC and do some for DT. This family likes your work!
Cheers ;)

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