Three new images

Hello there! This months were very busy but my inspiration didn't betray me and helped me to create some new illustrations!

Unfortunately other illustrations ready to be sent, were destroyed weeks ago when a virus attacked my computer, so in these days I'm trying to do them again!

Those are the first I "saved"

The other project I told you needs some weeks to be adjust, but you can see an experiment clicking here.

Now I have to go, but I'll return here as soon as I can.

Ciao, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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Thank tyou thank you thank you :-)


After the "attack" I bought an USB key to save the most important works I realize in my pc, but I don't exclude to buy an external HD in the future.


great illustrations. Keep up the good work.


Good ones, why don't you save a copy in a external HD, use Fling Backup and automatically what ever in the source folder will be copied to destination folder, its cool and its free, make destination folder in external or web server.


My favourite one is "fairy of spring". it opens a new series of illustration I'm realizing.

I hope to finish the old "lost" illustration in some weeks...luckily I saved the original preparatory drawings!


Nice illustrations, sorry to hear you lost some of your others.

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