Tianfu Garden Water City

The broad expanse of the Chengdu Plain, quietly flow from three rivers - the river, Pihe, North River, the crossroads of three rivers, is the first of a thousand miles Tuojiang River City - Tianfu Shuicheng Zhao town. "Hao-miao of Sanjiang, 1000 Ancient Ferries head; Health Qingzhou the sky, far, the water floating," the ancient Wenrenmeike always use such romantic strokes to really express their innermost feelings, Jinsong center of this picturesque scenery of western Sichuan. Viewed from the air the city can better appreciate the "city in water, water in the town," Mayfair. Magnificent buildings and low Wawu, have been embracing a white water, so her gift of "Oriental Venice", "Western Jervois" good reputation. Peach Blossom Spring water 3, Summer Feizhou Jiaolang, storied plantation do with the autumn, the winter Sishu Meixiang, the city was awarded "China's best examples of Habitat Award" and "civilized County of Sichuan Province," "Chengdu ten attractive towns," the best interpretation. Leisure, walk through the Tianfu Shuicheng, Dangzhou Kowloon long lake, boarding Genting ATTRACTIVE, Shuicheng gourmet taste, it is far away from the noisy city, looking for a soul attribution of life experience. Riverside in the shade, carefully read the "painter three ancestors," Zhang繇Monk, "Oriental Hegel" Helm, and the revolutionary pioneer Bangjiazhen, literary master Shahe…… natural flow of the city will have a heavy Details new sentiment. Now, let us walked into this by water moisture for the city, walked into this picturesque Tianfu Shuicheng…… Jintang in Chengdu Plain north-east, has been called the "Jinyumantang" reputation. County area of 1,154 square kilometers in size, one of 21 town (township) and a provincial focus on the development of industrial zones, with a total population of 850,000. So far, the county-town 1600 years of history, in the town of Shu one of the four famous.

Photo credits: Shupian.

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