Tibet heaven ---RaWu Lake

First time will have this kind of feeling to Rawu Lake the people, it will be as if the Swiss Alps's snowy peak, the glacier and Jiuzhaigou's mountain stream union. Beauty ta foot Earth three scientists extremely here scenery also life-long unforgettable, Chinese Academy of science geography institute's Professor Zhang Qingsong once wrote in the inspection diary: “in 1975, I first time went to Tibet to inspect, rode the automobile from Chengdu along the Chengdu-Lhasa Highway to Lhasa. After passing through traverses the sierra and Yangtze River, Lancang River, the Nujiang three sincere river valleys, sleeps Yu Ranwu the logistics depot. Rawu Lake like poem like picture's scenery made me to forget the journey fatigue all of a sudden. That rises steeply the mountain, the snow white glacier, the deep blue lake water, grass's pasture, sways the white clouds, the onion strongly fragrant forest, unfold pure natural US all.”

walk grandly in Rawu Lake side, both banks mountain ridge tall and straight, the slope is very steep, probably the alley both sides' fence, stands in the long and narrow bund.Rawu Lake two characters for Tibetan transliteration, the meaning are “the corpse pile up in together”. Hands down in the lake water to live in a water buffalo, in the lakeshore is living an ox, two cows are without making any mutual concessions, often mutually goes against is disputing. After two cows died, the corpse changed into the lakeshore two side the mountains, Rawu Lake clamped between two mountains. Although the folklore is a myth, but is not completely does not have the truth, the geographer tells us, Rawu Lake is contradicts the test of strength result. This 3 heads “the cow” is the Himalaya Mountains, the Nyaniqentanglha and traverses the sierra.

Photo credits: Shansekala.


Your article must be written in English

April 12, 2008


thanks a lot !

April 09, 2008


nice place!but i got no time to go to there.
you are doing so great here.
i joined in this site last week.i have only 8pics online.sucks.
ok,catch you later.

April 08, 2008


good photo,i was there two years ago. a beautiful lake。but i have not photo for it。

April 07, 2008


I know that blog is supposed to be the place for your personal expression I should not say anything. But can you please at least write them in some plain understandable English? not just using some translation program and turn them into such messes? Thanks a lot!

April 07, 2008


waouh, that seems so quiet .... so peaceful...kind of harmony
Very very nice landscape and article

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