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Hi everyone!

DT provides the possibility to buy TIF-images instead of JPGs.

That said, I would like to ask all of you about your experience with this opportunity. Does it often happen, that a customer buys (and pays the extra price) this format?

In my case until now just one TIF-download happened.

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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June 19, 2010


Congrats for the tiff sale! ;)

June 18, 2010


I never had a tiff sale so far

June 18, 2010


My first sale was a tiff :P At that time I didn`t knew what was that so I was not that happy about it...but since then I haven`t sold any TIFF, even though now I know what a TIFF is and would appreciate a lot such a sale :)

June 18, 2010


Hi, I already had several TIFF sales, which is strange, because I never uploaded additional format ;)

June 18, 2010


Hi and congrats! I got just 2 :P

June 18, 2010


Wish you more TIFF-s!

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