tiff sales CHEERS BUYER !

Hey all, hope your Spring or Summer or whatever season you are having in your parts of the woods started well for you. For me, anytime winter is gone is enough reason for me to cheer.

Speaking of cheers, I keep reading all of you getting tiff sales and I was feeling quite left out not having any.

It can drive me to drive a little more than I should, you know if I don't get a tiff sale like the others, lol.

But thank goodness for a client of Dreamstime who found an image of mine that was my first tiff sale. THANK YOU BUYER WHEREVER YOU ARE... imagine my initial reaction when I saw one download and comparatively large commission than the usual..

and when I checked to see it was indeed a tiff sales ...

oh well, here's an appropriate image to show you how i felt

So, here's cheers to that fine customer who download the tiff

and here's looking for more soon.

have a good one all !

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June 22, 2011



June 21, 2011


Congratulations! Hope you have many more of these sales. :)

June 19, 2011



June 19, 2011


Congratulations!!! Hope you many more in the future.

Best wishes

June 18, 2011



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