Hi everyone!

I am wondering about the difference between TIFF and JPG. We all load up JPGs to Dreamstime and the downloadable TIFFs were generated from these uploaded JPGs by Dreamstime. What I do not understand is how it comes that TIFFs have more pixels than the underlaying maximum format JPGs, for example

JPG: 3944x3042px

TIF: 5091x3927px


JPG: 4288x2848px

TIF: 6064x4028px

Is there anyone who can explain that to me?

Photo credits: Ben Goode.

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May 05, 2017


I find this to be a fraudulent practice. I'm quite sure that the buyer is not informed that the TIFF they are buying was not generated from a RAW but rather from a JPEG. Moreover the TIFF is more expensive so the buyer is paying more for nothing. I contacted Dreamstime management over a year ago about this issue and they claimed it was because TIFFs are higher quality. I explained that it cannot be true and they said they would escalate the issue and promised a reply but I never heard back. I have a feeling that when enough buyers catch wind of this it will become a class action lawsuit against DT.

August 15, 2010


Dear Cristalloid,

first of all in general it makes no sense to transform a jpg file into a .tiff file, because the .jpg file format is a format where image information is lost.

The .tiff is a lossless image format.

If the .tiff version has a higher resolution, than your original .jpg file was enlarged. There are also some other agencies which are doing that, so it is, let me say a little common, but not all agencies are doing it.

The only logical reason for saving the enlarged .jpg files as as .tiff files is, to stop the loss of image quality by using twice the .jpg compression algorithm.

I hope this was helpful for you.

August 15, 2010


See comments from the admins in this thread: thread on TIFFs

They are upsized from the JPGs.

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