Love those photos with tigers as subjects. They have strong, clever power in them self.

I found some really good shot of those special animals here. Maybe this summer me and my wife will go for a trip to Africa and went to safari it would be greet to see all those animals in wild nature not in zoo.

Hand holding plant

Tigers for me are symbols of independence and individuality like no other creatures. They are predators, dangerous to others but seems to be wiser then a human, kill only for food, sometimes to defend their life but never for fun. I watch some film about some of them form Asia and see that they have specific way of life, they know who much ‘food’ they have in area and never strain its balance.

We human dominate on world and still reduction animals life’s areas, even now when we are so educated and knows what will gone to happened if will still behave like that we can not hold this balance between our modern, progressing world and wild beautiful nature.

Photo credits: Arindom Chowdhury, Noahgolan, Rgbe.
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March 19, 2008

Thanks a lot Arindom. You have got some excellent photos with tigers. Love specially this one and included to my article. Yes I know that Africa is not a right place to see tigers but I dream to go on safari to see all those wild living animals.
And thanks for invitiation


March 19, 2008

Awesome thoughts, Thanx for such nice thoughts. Just one disapointing news, you cannot see tigers in africa. You can see lions though. Please come to my country India, I will show you tigers in their habitat.