Tiles and creativity...

© Sukro

When ever I hit a period where the creativity is low, or said in an other way I just don't seem to get any ideas worth while illustrating, I sit down and make some seamless tiles - it almost always result in me getting new ideas!

© Sukro

Here are a couple from my portfolio.

© Sukro

How do you get your ideas?

Photo credits: Susanne Krogh-hansen.

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January 12, 2010


I have two tiles images but no download for more than one year. One has been donated to free section, one stil waiting for a sell..:(

 Money tiles 

January 11, 2010


Yes sometimes you have to be inspired - and sometime being pressured to do things really gives another edge to the inspiration....

January 11, 2010


Since I am a photographer, sometimes my ideas simply come from nature, people and environment...sometimes I must be inspired!

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