Tilt Shift Portraits

Just added a new post to my main blog: Tilt Shift Portraits

It's very short, but I'm thinking about doing an extended version to explain bit more about the technique of using this particular type of lens. It was used to create some of the recent shots in my portfolio here on DT too.

Thoughts on a postcard. Or comment would be fine too. :)

Photo credits: Stuart Key.

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October 07, 2010


Once upon a time i used a large format camera and i had the opportunity to make this type of photography, and i can said that it´s amaizing what you can do, if you have the oportunity to experiment with this kind of movements, go ahead, you will learn a lot in the process and its so much fun

October 07, 2010


I like your idea.

October 06, 2010


Cool idea - I'm eyeballing the new Lensbaby Tilt Transformer which lets you mount a Nikon lens on a Micro 4/3 camera... Kinda need a Nikon lens, though, and no shift. Cheap way to get into tilting, though.

Tilt Transformer

October 06, 2010


They are expensive, but I recommend hiring one if you get the opportunity. It gives you the chance to experiment for a period of time and get a really good feel for what it can do.

October 06, 2010


Love the effect of tilt shift lenses. Too bad they're so expensive...

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